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Arwen Kidd arwenkidd

active 4 years ago

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Arwen Kidd





Arwen is a Canadian journalist and documentary filmmaker.

Since 2005, she have worked with internationally, concentrating largely on projects based in West Africa, as well as Eastern Europe. During this time, Arwen have directed, produced, shot and/or edited more than fifteen films – travelling with my her own equipment and learning to find creative solutions in sometimes challenging situations. She also spent time reporting for a local newspaper in Ghana, helped present a human right radio show in rural Cameroon, served as a multimedia trainer supporting local journalists across Liberia, and was hired as a ghostwriter (co-authoring a novel that took her to three different continents).

Along with her own projects, she often undertake work for NGOs and produce news and features for various magazines and online sites. To date, her work has appeared in a range of publication, including Global Post, Inter Press Service News Agency (IPS), and World Vision Report among others.