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Photo stories from around the world

  1. Olivier Vin

    Occupy Brussels

    By Olivier Vin In 2011, the Indignados* movement took form in Spain and spread out in the world, slowly changing its name by “Occupy” + the name of the city or country. I followed some of the events organized by the Indignados in Brussels: marches, protests, actions, police confrontations… Here is...
  2. Marisa Schwartz

    Rhyme Over Reason

    By Marisa Schwartz Ghana is a place where centuries of tradition smash into modernity head on. I’d like to say the two blend seamlessly together, but they don’t. They engage and clash against each other taking on a completely unique, functional-yet-chaotic, combination. Paramount chiefs use iPhones, pastors drive BMWs, and you...

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