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Photo stories in Africa

  1. Arwen Kidd

    Greenville: The Lost Oasis

    By Arwen Kidd I have heard the city of Greenville, located in southeast Liberia, described as “an oasis”. A place full of booming businesses, where nice houses overlooked the river, and plenty of job opportunities held great promise for locals and expats alike. Supermarkets, nightclubs, running water… They say Greenville...
  2. Marisa Schwartz

    Rhyme Over Reason

    By Marisa Schwartz Ghana is a place where centuries of tradition smash into modernity head on. I’d like to say the two blend seamlessly together, but they don’t. They engage and clash against each other taking on a completely unique, functional-yet-chaotic, combination. Paramount chiefs use iPhones, pastors drive BMWs, and you...
  3. Anne Ackermann

    Gulu Youth

    By Anne Ackermann Youth have been both the primary victims and the primary actors in the two decade long war between the LRA ( Lord’s Resistance Army) and the Ugandan state in Northern Uganda, which ended in 2006. My photos capture moments of the daily lives of young people. While...
  4. Michael Ellis


    By Michael Ellis Namaqualand is known for it’s flowers during spring but when spring leaves summer arrives, packing heavy heat, leaving the landscape dry and quickly stripping it of the colourful flora which covered it and painted the scenery just a few weeks before. About the Photographer Website: |...
  5. Diego Arroyo


    By Diego Arroyo – I went to Kenya with the idea of depicting the beauty of the country and its people. Portraying ethnic groups is one of my main areas of interest in photography, so I really enjoyed having the chance to spend some time with the Samburu people. For...
  6. Roy Gunnels

    A Pastiche Of The Street

    By Roy Gunnels – Al-Muizz Street in Cairo, Egypt, about a kilometer long, is one of the oldest in the city, with one of the greatest concentrations of medieval architecture in the Middle-East. It is commonly divided into two sections, north and south. The spice market and antique shops are in...