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Photo Stories in the Americas (North, South & Central)

  1. Sean Posey

    The People of Youngstown

    By Sean Posey Youngstown, Ohio is often presented in photography as a desolate place filled with decaying buildings—a post-apocalyptic landscape presumably bereft of humans. Recently, the Brookings Institution listed Youngstown as having the highest concentrated poverty rate of any city in the country. There are over 5,000 vacant properties in the...
  2. Josh Birnbaum

    Banks of the Ohio

    By Josh Birnbaum Bluegrass music has long been a symbol of Appalachia and its people. Arising from a mix of Irish folk, English and Scottish ballads, western swing, southern gospel and blues, and old-time mountain music, bluegrass still thrives today in the hills around the Ohio River. The musicians presented...
  3. Ralph Jones

    Carbon Arts; Alchemy

    By Ralph Jones Carbon Arts is an organization whose long term goal is to teach the art of iron casting. In addition to teaching, Carbon Arts uses the process of casting iron as performance art, incorporating live music and audience participation into the performance. Audiences participate by designing many of the...