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Photo Stories in Asia Pacific

  1. Brad Westphal

    Ant City

    By Brad Westphal Like an ant in the forest I wandered through the city. It was a giant organism, or a machine too large to take in at a glance. I was one in eighteen million. The city was foreign; it held romance and mysteries of the unknown. I wandered through...
  2. Aaron J Heiner

    Vietnam: Revisited

    By Aaron J. Heiner Deep in the foot hills of the Appalachian Mountains, reside the soldiers of the Vietnam Reenactors, A Company 1/7th Cavalry Division Air-Mobile, better known as the Garry Owens for short. And the Gary Owens is preparing for a hard day of simulated combat on a humid summer...
  3. Tiet Ho

    Sihanouk’s Final Return

    By Tiet Ho Crowned in 1941, king Norodom Sihanouk of Cambodia played a crucial role in his country’s turbulent history for more than 60 years until he abdicated in 2004. Considered by many as the father of modern Cambodia, the former king died in Beijing aged 89 and his body...
  4. Kathryn Obermaier

    Ashray Class Portrait

    By Kathryn Obermaier – These images are a part of a class portrait series I shot at the Ashray School in Varanasi, India. The school was created to give students from migrant or “cast-less” families access to education. The evidence of their hardship is everywhere. Their uniforms are faded, fit poorly, and are...
  5. G.M.B Akash

    Dawn to Dusk in Smoke & Ashes

    By G.M.B Akash – For kilometers in every direction, there is not a hint of colour. Everything’s is gray-brown, soot-blackened and dust- blown. In brick fields every day, work starts at six in the morning, carting head-loads of eight bricks from the furnace to the supply pile. Each trip back and forth...
  6. Dominic Blewett

    Railway Workshop

    By Dominic Blewett – One of my last assignments before leaving Vietnam was to visit the Railway Workshop adjoining the Hanoi Railway Station. In the dim light of the old, stained buildings, grease-covered men in blue overalls attacked pieces of metal, did things to massive turning wheels, and hunched smoking...
  7. Francesco Astrucci

    Vanishing Kashgar

    By Francesco Lastrucci – The turkic descendent Uighrs never had, if only briefly, their own country but most of them now reside in modern Xinjiang, the westernmost province of China, and Kashgar is arguably the capital of muslim Uighur culture. Life has not changed in centuries in the heart of legendary...