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Photo Stories in Europe

  1. Ricardo Casal

    2 hours before dark.

    By Ricardo Casal 2 January 2013. Just a walk around Lisbon in the days of crisis that we run. Welcome to Portugal. Big avenue, shopping, walking and the statue of Sto António. Classic view now days. Couple of beautiful hats without facebooking. Description no need. Empty stores but big santa welcome’s...
  2. Olivier Vin

    Occupy Brussels

    By Olivier Vin In 2011, the Indignados* movement took form in Spain and spread out in the world, slowly changing its name by “Occupy” + the name of the city or country. I followed some of the events organized by the Indignados in Brussels: marches, protests, actions, police confrontations… Here is...
  3. Michael Biach

    The Kids from Lunik IX

    By Michael Biach Lunik IX is an apartment complex in the southwestern suburbs of Košice, Slovakia. Originally build as home for middle-class families with a capacity of 2,500 people, the Slovakian government started to resettled thousands of Slovakian people affiliated to the Roma minority in the 1990s. Today Lunik IX is...
  4. Marco Pighin

    Lake Baikal

    Lake Baikal is by far the most interesting and peculiar body of water on the planet. It is a deep, old living museum that contains 20% of the world’s fresh water. 80% of its flora and fauna’s species are endemic. For this reason it is often called the “Galapagos of...
  5. Mirko Nardecchia


    By Mirko Nardecchia EC3 is a postcode set in the south-east part of the City of London. Fully immersed in the financial business, home to the Lloyds, the Gherkin and Leadenhall Market amongst others, EC3 is a place where everyone seem to run towards something, whether it might be the last...
  6. Jetmir Idrizi

    Museum of Bad Memories

    By Jetmir Idrizi With this series of photographs I would like to  take the viewer  in Spaç, a place of banishment for political prisoners during the communist regime in Albania for more than forty years. This prison is now to be converted into a Museum documenting the fate and life-stories of...
  7. Aga Luczakowska


    By Aga Luczakowska Last two years I was traveling around Romania because of two main reasons – assignments and my travels back to Poland. I realized that I do not want to loose my time, I want to shoot for myself while I have opportunity to travel so much. I just...
  8. Aaron Clamage


    By Aaron Clamage – On a recent trip to Germany, I met my in-laws and discovered the rustic beauty of Bavaria. The rolling hills. The stunning lakes. Countless Beer Gardens. And, the glorious, wonderful people. It’s a magical place, complete with castles and plump, jolly characters, straight out of the storybooks....
  9. Domenico Casamassima

    My Path

    By Domenico Casamassima – Steal from the world and from the world come to steal. These are the shots that portray walks, steps included in an urban context, in the city of Rome, Paris, and Istanbul. I saw their thoughts and their emotions. Passer-bys as creators of sensations – in the same way as...