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Photo Stories in the Middle East

  1. J D Perkins

    The Map is Not the Terrain

    By J D Perkins Google Earth has a neat feature where you can look back in time. Satellite images don’t lie, something you can take comfort from. They tell us what man has done on Earth over the years. There are two locations I’m interested in, 31.2252 N 34.1658 E and 32.2714 N 35.1910...
  2. Bar Am-David

    Portraits from Jaffa

    By Bar Am-David Tel Aviv is divided into nine districts that grew up during the city’s short history. The most notable of these is Jaffa, the ancient port city out of which Tel Aviv grew. This area is traditionally made up of a greater percentage of Arabs but recent gentrification...
  3. Roy Gunnels

    A Pastiche Of The Street

    By Roy Gunnels – Al-Muizz Street in Cairo, Egypt, about a kilometer long, is one of the oldest in the city, with one of the greatest concentrations of medieval architecture in the Middle-East. It is commonly divided into two sections, north and south. The spice market and antique shops are in...
  4. Julia Komissaroff

    Kitab al-Balad

    by Julia Komissaroff – I call it “Kitab al-Balad” – the Book of the City. 11 years I’ve been circling in the narrow streets of Jerusalem’s Old City. This is a transformation of the City and me, the story how we became the one. 
Some time ago conflict and politics where...